3 budget ideas to help you save more this year

Mastering Your Finances: Budgeting Techniques for Every Level     Managing your finances is a crucial skill that empowers you to take control of your future, reduce stress, and achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re a budgeting beginner, an intermediate planner, or an advanced strategist, there’s a budgeting technique tailored just for you. In this …

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Mitch Sturgeon — Personal Financial Planning by VOICE!

Mitch Sturgeon has an amazing story. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS in 2001, the disease slowly and relentlessly  deprived him of his outdoor passions.  Golf, snowmobiling, hiking – all had to be abandoned. In 2009, a year after his first wheelchair purchase, he took medical retirement from his chemical engineering career and began …

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Should I Panic Yet?!?

What’s happening with my investments? If you have been bold enough to watch the markets lately, you may feel like a ship tossed about in a storm. Maybe you are looking towards the horizon and praying to see the shore. The reality is that it’s impossible to predict exactly when things will settle down, and …

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The Trajectory of Ukraine

This is a different type of post.  For the past year, a small and dedicated team in Ukraine has been helping with a portion of the development of OnTrajectory. These folks have been wonderful to work with – professional, skilled, a source of good ideas, and always willing to pitch in extra effort as needed. EVEN NOW, as explosions can be heard …

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Interview: Military Money Podcast

Tyson here! I was recently interviewed on this fantastic podcast, which goes far beyond \”military\” topics. Lacey and I discuss Mindfulness – both in how we get organized around money, but also what happens after we do… I recommend everyone have a listen, and if you\’re active duty or a veteran, you should subscribe as well.