The ProPortal is perfect for Independent Advisors​

A Proposal Tool for asset managers and advisors

OnTrajectory has a whole suite of tools for Financial Professionals. With the ability to collaborate side by side with your clients, you can work together to help them achieve their goals. Real time updating charts and advanced tools allow you to empower your clients and help them navigate even the most challenging times in the market. At a glance you can see how even the most volatile times in the market might shake out in the long run, and that can lead to less worry and more trust in the plan you’ve worked hard to put in place. 

Pro Portal Pricing

OnTrajectory makes it easy for you to increase your value to clients
$ 49 Monthly
  • Up to 25 clients
  • 1 hour of live onboarding support
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Custom branding: add your logo and text to PDF reports

ProPortal Full Features List