Line of Sight

Our blog with regular insights from the OnTrajectory Team on how you can use OnTrajectory to achieve your goals, where we are headed and other insights from friends. 

Taxes With Ruby and OT

In March of 2023 OnTrajectory sat down with Ruby Padilla, CPA to discuss some general tax plans and strategies. Take a listen, and remember this

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The Paranoid Optimist

It has been said that, “only the paranoid survive.” But for many of us, the idea of having to become paranoid is decidedly unpleasant. Paranoid

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Should I Panic Yet?!?

What’s happening with my investments? If you have been bold enough to watch the markets lately, you may feel like a ship tossed about in

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It’s Tax Time!

OnTrajectory can help you both more accurately estimate your future taxes as well as help you minimize the taxes you\’ll pay in the future. We do this in 3 different ways. 1.

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Interview: Military Money Podcast

Tyson here! I was recently interviewed on this fantastic podcast, which goes far beyond \”military\” topics. Lacey and I discuss Mindfulness – both in how we get organized around money,

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