The Trajectory of Ukraine

This is a different type of post. 

For the past year, a small and dedicated team in Ukraine has been helping with a portion of the development of OnTrajectory. These folks have been wonderful to work with – professional, skilled, a source of good ideas, and always willing to pitch in extra effort as needed. EVEN NOW, as explosions can be heard in and around major cities, they are continuing to work! 

Of course, we\’ve offered whatever time they need to keep themselves safe and keep their lives organized, but I\’ve been assured that having something to do is a useful distraction. 

I am writing this post so the OT Community is aware of our awesome team members abroad. If you wish to donate to the people of Ukraine, we have been advised this is a good resource and we have used it ourselves.

THANK YOU Pavel, Vlad, Julia, Oksanna, Olga, Alex, Slava – thank you for your help with OT, and thank you for being excellent and brave people who are inspiring the world. We\’re all hoping for a quick resolution to this senseless situation. Please take care of yourselves and your families, which is the most important thing you can do. We are with you.

Slava Ukraini!