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There are lots of ways to collaborate and get the answers you need. You are in control of  your data and your personal information. There are three ways to get started:

  1. Learn: With blog posts, courses and AI tools.
  2. Discuss: Use tools like Penny, Our AI Financial Guide or talk with a pro
  3. Decide: You’ve got decisions to make, use our planning tools, get a second opinion or build a new scenario.

Join our growing group of OnTrajectory Users working together to reach financial independence.

Insights and expert tips to help you understand your trajectory and achieve your goals.

Beginner or an expert, just starting with a spending plan or long time investor, we’ve got you covered.

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New Course

Financial Modeling

Everyone is on a financial path – some simply know where they are headed. 

This course teaches you which financial aspects are critical to mapping your financial future. While many unknowns lie across your path, there are a few key concepts you need to understand and levers you can pull to minimize their effects. Powered by OnTrajectory, this course is for anyone wanting to take control of their future and reach financial peace-of-mind.

One-to-One Data Review Services

Schedule a Review

$200 for a 60 Minute Session*

*Please be aware that no information provided during a class or data review session should be considered investing or tax advice. All financial information is solely for educational purposes. Please see your own professional for personal investment or tax advice.

Get personalized guidance and support as you craft your financial plan in OnTrajectory.

  • Work directly with an OnTrajectory expert in a live screen sharing session
  • Ensure your anticipated income streams are entered accurately
  • Create budget-groups for recurring expenses
  • Enter time-based expenses, such as a mortgage or tuition payments
  • Tailor growth or inflation expectations for specific expenses over time
  • Learn how to adjust anticipated contributions as your expenses change
  • Understand how to track your actual progress and adjust assumptions
  • Assess the effects of RMDs, early withdrawal penalties, and rollovers
  • Understand technical analysis using Monte Carlo and historical simulations
Sessions start at $200 for 60 minutes. Additional follow up sessions can be purchased for $100 for 30 minutes.
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Office Hours

Every Friday from 5-6pm Eastern, we get together to discuss any challenges you are having as you get started with OnTrajectory. Connect with others and learn more alongside our team.

Ask a Pro

Sometimes, it helps to have a second opinion and a second set of eyes on your plan. Maybe you have specific investment questions or account changes and want someone who can help guide your next best step. A licensed professional can answer your question and help you get the peace of mind you need to make a good decision.