Taxes With Ruby and OT

In March of 2023 OnTrajectory sat down with Ruby Padilla, CPA to discuss some general tax plans and strategies. As tax season approaches this is a great time to review your finances and figure out options you might have.  There are a lot of great insights in here about account types, general tax rules and some common strategies people use to maximize their tax benefits and reduce their tax burden. As always, it is critical to consult a licensed professional to determine what is right for your situation. Fortunately, OnTrajectory can help!

To ask your questions of a licensed professional, start here, or log in to your OnTrajectory account and click on  “Ask an Advisor.”

Some questions that often come up are things like, “Is it beneficial for me to consider a Roth Conversion? What can I use the leftover money in my 529 for? What options do I have with an HSA account balance? What is a SEP IRA and am I eligible?” There are also simpler questions like, “Is my current plan set up for maximum tax efficiency? How does the age at which I take Social Security affect my overall retirement income?” and many more. As you watch, jot down your questions and ask away. 

Take some time to watch, just remember this video is for informational purposes only.

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