OnTrajectory Releases Collaborative Financial Planning Tool for Money Coaches and Mentors


Baltimore, Maryland (July 11, 2017) OnTrajectory, a Baltimore-based, veteran-owned “FinTech” start-up, has just released a first-of-its-kind financial planning platform allowing educators and students to collaboratively model complex financial strategies and techniques. OnTrajectory’s emphasis on visualizations and high-fidelity graphs makes it perfect for individuals learning the effects of compound savings,  tax-handling, expense management and other aspects of financial planning.

Time Magazine calls it “one of the best user interfaces available in the retirement calculator world” (http://time.com/money/4212970/best-retirement-calculators/), and OnTrajectory has extended its innovative interface by offering pre-defined scenarios that are both visually-striking and interactively fun. Educators can also create and distribute their own scenarios to illustrate key-concepts based on their curriculum, while students can manipulate and experiment with them in real-time.

Financial-planning tools abound on the Internet, but OnTrajectory separates itself by having the lowest barrier-of-entry AND the most flexibility. No other consumer-focused tool allows the same depth and complexity and, more importantly, the ability to help navigate a successful and secure future. Tyson Koska, OnTrajectory’s founder, says: “Our goal is to enhance the financial health and literacy of a generation.”

OnTrajectory.com began in 2015 as a free personal-finance planning platform. In 2016 they launched a subscription plan ($5/month or $50/year), which allows greater depth and detail. Their new “Educational Offering” provides significant incentives to Educational Institutions, Public Libraries, and Charitable Organizations based on size and need. Read more at www.OnTrajectory.com/EDU_portal.html.

OnTrajectory.com has received an enthusiastic response from both customers and professionals and been featured on multiple “best-of” lists across the web:






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  1. The financial Planning tool is important for every business.This is good for both academic and business platform.I checked the tool and it was amazing functionality.

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