A cleaner, friendlier OnTrajectory

Next week, we’re rolling out some visual improvements to OnTrajectory. Once the update is live, you’ll see a cleaner main screen that puts your financial trajectory front and center.

Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Drop us a note at questions@ontrajectory.com and we’ll be happy to help!

What’s changing

Our motto for this release is “less is more!” After talking with current customers, trial users, and application design experts, we made some adjustments to make the application easier to use, especially for new users:

General decluttering. We simplified the interface by hiding distractions. Less-used features (contact us, calculators, PDF export, etc.) now live under the Menu button. We also retired the Forum and Reward features since those weren’t getting much use.

Before and After

Expanded main menu. To accommodate the cleaner interface, we’ve expanded and organized the dropdown menu to make it easier to find what you need.

The newly-expanded OnTrajectory menu

More prominent trajectory results. Your top-level financial projections (chance of success, final balance, etc.) now live on your trajectory chart instead of lower down the page. Notifications will appear in the same area.

Results & alerts now live right next to your trajectory graph

Clearer refresh indicator. When you make a change that could impact your scenario’s results, we now hide your outdated chance of success and show a Refresh button next to it. This makes it easy to know when changes are pending while giving you control over when to run the simulation. (We use a manual refresh because an automatic calculation would get annoying when you’re making lots of updates.)

New \”Refresh\” button lets you know when new data will affect your trajectory

Easier to add Income, Expenses, and Accounts. The \”Add Income/Expense/Account\” button is now anchored to the bottom of the main screen. Clicking it opens a sliding drawer where you can add one or multiple items. The menu’s contents match the tab you have open: Income, Expenses, or Accounts & Taxes.

The \”Add\” button slides up to reveal Income/Expense/Account types

Integrated account balance updates. You can now update the Actual Progress for an account directly in your Accounts table. This makes it easy to quickly update multiple account balances without leaving the main screen.

Update your account balances from the main screen

More intuitive Save and Undo buttons. The Save button is now hidden whenever a scenario is able to auto-save. The Undo button is now grayed out when there is nothing to undo.

Anchored menus. Most menus are now anchored to the top or bottom of the screen. Tabs allow you to navigate to other sections of the menu.

We’d love to hear what you think of the changes. If you have feedback or additional improvements to suggest, email us at questions@ontrajectory.com!

7 thoughts on “A cleaner, friendlier OnTrajectory”

  1. Hi!!
    Love your post. It’s really amazing & helpful too. I like the way you explained everything. By sharing this amazing content, you have solved my problem. Keep sharing 🙂
    Thank You & Regards

  2. Wondering if there’s any info on how to handle Roth accounts and also how to setup when doing IRA to Roth conversions. Is that covered in any of the instructions or would you do a post on that topic? Thanks – this is a very helpful tool.

  3. Exploring onTrajectory Trial which appears promising but CRITICAL to many already in retirement is a clear, flexible method to control “Drawdown(s)” across Account(s) to produce an accurate, understandable SITUATION SPECIFIC OPTIMIZED withdrawal sequence. AFAIK, as on Trajectory exists today (Sept 19 release), the current Drawdown process is a simple progression without regard for efficiencies.

    When can Customers expect an update with more meaningful, useful “Drawdown” options and Results?

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the great question. We recently enhanced the drawdown preferences, which will hopefully resolve your concern. If you have any suggestions for additional improvements, shoot us an email at questions@ontrajectory.com.

  4. I used that key that was done away with (right side of the graph) to toggle individual data sets on & off. Has that functionality been lost? It is very “busy” looking at all data sets together. Unlike the examples shown here, my “Projected Progress” (dotted line) is not visible superimposed on the shaded chart areas or (if I have so configured) the Monte Carl Trend lines.
    Really hoping there is still a way to toggle the individual data set displays on/off?

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