Financial Newbie or Financial Pro – OnTrajectory Has You Covered!


OnTrajectory addresses 1 simple, central concern: Am I on course for economic independence – or will I financially crash and burn? Here’s how we do that:

  1. Enter your unique mix of Income, Expenses, and Accounts
  2. Define changes over time with Age Ranges
  3. Enter unique criteria, including Tax and Growth Rates
  4. Create Expense Groups for budget tracking

Interactive Modeling & Simulations


People are visual, and they like to change their minds. OnTrajectory supports both of these very human traits – here’s how:

  1. Visually-engaging and interactive graphs
  2. Plot your Goals
  3. Toggle items for easy “what-if” analysis
  4. Compare Average Growth, Monte Carlo, and Historical analyses

Start Simple & Refine Over Time


OnTrajectory provides a persistent, historical view that adds value to your data the more you come back. As your situation becomes increasingly complex, so does the information OnTrajectory can provide – here’s how:

  1. Track and save a History of your progress
  2. Compare calculated results to reality
  3. View and analyze all underlying data

Want to Know More?

Check out this video: Top 40 Features is 4 Minutes!