Top 15 Improvements of the Past Year

We\’re constantly improving and adding value to OnTrajectory – these are the top 15 improvements we\’ve made in the past year!


 1. Richer output results for our Monte Carlo and Historical Analysis:

We now display an array of output data after you run Monte Carlo or Historical analysis so that you can see how results are distributed from the very best run to the very worst:

2. More insightful \”Chance of Success\” calculations:

We now give you two different ways to define \”success\” – and your odds of achieving it. The top percentage is the odds that you will NOT run out of money in the course of your Trajectory. This is calculate using an average of both Monte Carlo and Historical analysis.
 The second percentage, which is located in parenthesis next to your \”Final Trajectory\”, is the odds that you will end up with at least your Final Trajectory number. Again, it is calculated using an average of Monte Carlo and Historical analysis.

3. Ability to easily project Home & Rental Equity:

Since Home Equity often represents a MAJOR portion of one\’s retirement savings, it\’s important to be able to include it in your plan. Our Home Equity account item allows you to track how equity builds based on your mortgage AND the expected rate of growth for real-estate in your area.
NOTE: When you create a Home Equity account item, you still have to create a corresponding Mortgage item in Expenses. It is not done automatically because Mortgages often include other costs such as escrows.

4. Ability to \’ladder\’ a Roth Conversion over a number of years or within a \’Bracket\’:

You can now designate a Roth Conversion to occur either over  a number of years in roughly equal portions or to convert only amounts that allow you to remain \”under\” a particular tax-bracket (based on our income during any given year).

5. Informative metrics display for the current selected date:

Quickly see certain important annual metrics about the current year you are in.

6. Parameter-Driven Monte Carlo Analysis

Parameterized Input Data that allows you to set both an Expected Return (expected average annual return) and Expected Inflation (expected average annual inflation) — as well as Volatility (standard deviation) for each.

7. Guided Data Entry

For those getting started with OnTrajectory, we\’ve launched a new step-by-step flow to define your Incomes, Expenses, and Accounts  — along with providing helpful tips to more accurately model your financial future.


8. \”Mastering OnTrajectory\” Video Tutorial Series

Now available on YouTube and getting bigger all the time. Current topics include:
+ Modeling Income
+ Modeling Expenses
+ Modeling Accounts
+ Tracking Progress & Setting Goals
+ Modeling Rental Properties

9. Ability to add multiple Income / Expense / Account items at one time

10. Support for 457b and Roth 401k account types

11. More types of Informational Warnings to ensure your plan is solid

12. Guaranteed 24-hour response time for PowerPlan member support

13. Ability to publish and import scenarios to the OnTrajectory Community

14. Ability to export and save a full PDF Report by scenario

15. Smarter automatic drawdowns on retirement accounts to maximize projected tax benefits and minimize early withdrawal penalties

And we\’re no where near done with 2018 – we have several large feature releases planned before the end of the year!