Smarter \”Draw-Downs\”

OnTrajectory just got a little smarter.

When modeling years with negative cash-flow (such as retirement), OnTrajectory has always let you indicate which accounts to draw funds from first
– but now you can leave more of those decisions to us!

Our draw-down logic now takes into account 4 characteristics when automatically selecting an account to pull funds from:

  1. End Age – Accounts with the lowest End Age used first
  2. Account Type – Non-Retirement funds used before Retirement funds
  3. Tax Handling – Non-Tax-Deferred funds used before Tax-Deferred funds
  4.  Account Balance – Account with highest balance used first

This technique ensures that automatic draw-downs maximize both tax savings and minimize early withdrawal penalties – making it easier for you to gain insight into your financial future and see where your money is taking you.


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