New Feature Alert: Item Re-Ordering & Equation Support

Two new feature enhancements to OnTrajectory this month!

Feature 1: Item Re-Ordering
Change the order your Income, Expense & Account items appear — just click and drag the \’up/down\’ icon to move items to a new position (note: the top-most \’Deposit Account\’ cannot be moved).


Feature 2: Support for Equations
You can now use mathematical operators to add (+), subtract (-), multiply (*), and divide (/)  values in \’Amount\’ fields. This feature is similar to typing in a spreadsheet cell. For example, to quickly calculate an expense that is billed 4 times per year @ $87, simply type in the amount field: =4*87 and press \’Enter\’.

That\’s it! No need to have a calculator open and nearby when entering values into OnTrajectory.