Here's what Penny, our AI financial guide, said..

“To determine if you’re saving enough for retirement, follow the 4% rule. Multiply your desired annual retirement income by 25. This will give you an estimate of the total amount you need to save for retirement. Next, calculate your current retirement savings. If your savings are on track to meet or exceed the estimated amount, you’re likely saving enough. If not, consider increasing your savings rate or adjusting your retirement goals. Remember to regularly reassess your savings plan as your circumstances change. Consulting with a financial advisor can provide personalized guidance for your retirement savings journey.”

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You’re in control. We don’t share your information until you decide you want to talk. You can stay anonymous or choose to introduce yourself. No obligation, no judgment just real advice. OnTrajectory collects your info to help facilitate the conversation.

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Thank you for this information and please pass on my thanks to the financial advisor. I will review this information... As an aside, I have been a long time member of and user of On Trajectory and I like all the new features added over the years. Please keep up the great work. This is a powerful application and tool and very intuitive to use. Two of my friends are now users, along with my son.
Michael P
OnTrajectory Unlimited User

Why ask an advisor?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Should I work with a financial advisor?” or, “Could I get a second opinion?” you’re not alone. You deserve to be in control of your financial future. Having the right team is critical. Whether you are looking for an advisor or just want a single question answered, OnTrajectory has you covered with a stable of independent advisors ready to help you, no strings attached. 

Keep the conversation going with Penny.

Ask Penny, our AI Financial Guide, to get started. Maybe you have a question about how much money to have in an emergency savings account, or when to start saving for a college education, or the best vacations for your budget? Whatever questions you have, you can Ask Penny for a judgement-free answer.

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Is there a cost to me?

No, it is free to submit a question to any of our services. We do have unlimited planning tools and other services to help you grow your finances.

Do you share my information?

OnTrajectory collects your information, but we only share it with others if you want us to. Most of the time users do share information with the advisor they are talking to because it helps get a much clearer answer. 

Do I have to have a plan before I ask a question?

No, helping you create a plan and get your finances on track is why we are here. No need for any advanced knowledge to get started.

What if I'm new to having a financial conversation?

We want to help you learn. We have tools that can help you, plus a team of coaches and advisors that can help you learn and grow. Don’t forget Penny, our AI financial guide, that can help you learn the basics.