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Building on your Goals?

OnTrajectory Goals helps you collaborate and build on your financial goals as you stack one win on top of the next to create the future you want. It’s perfect for those wanting to grow their financial knowledge, build a long term plan, and collaborate with others to achieve their goals.

Looking at the Big Picture?

OnTrajectory Cashflow is the perfect place to get all the robust features a financial professional might have at a fraction of the price. Perfect for smart budgeters, those with a more complicated account structure, or who just want to have a clear picture on everywhere their money is taking them. 


  • Enter Income, Expenses and Accounts
  • Visualize Your Financial plan
  • Create 1 Alternate Scenario
  • Free Email Support
  • See Real-Time Updates
  • Access to educational vides and help content
  • Change Central Assumptions such as Retirement Age or Inflation
  • Calculate the "Chance of Success" your plan will succeed


$99/year or $12/month
  • Everything Basic Plus...
  • Unlimited Scenarios and Compare Them on the Same Chart
  • Run Monte Carlo and Historical Analysis
  • Complete customization options including applying taxes
  • Optimize How Money is Withdrawn from Specific Accounts
  • Customizable Chart Settings
  • Optimize Spending to find out how much you can spend and stay on track
  • Run debt reduction strategies

At OnTrajectory we believe everyone deserves the tools to imagine their dream, plan for it and make it happen. That’s why OnTrajectory Basic is always free. For those that want to take it a step further to create comparative models, perform stress tests, run powerful analysis and utilize time and money saving strategies, our Unlimited Plan is an incredible value. With pro level tools at your fingertips, you’ll rest easy knowing where your money is taking you, no matter the current market scenarios. All that for just $99/year. Sign up for a 14 day Unlimited Free Trial Now.