A Financial Planner and Analyzer — All in one easy-to-use graphically interactive program

Easy sign-up 4 simple questions to start

Set custom income, expenses, savings & investments

Include multiple individuals

Create savings plans and goals

Monte Carlo and Historical analyses

Track and view your history

...with a Powerful & Flexible User Interface

"This is awesome! This will be my only calculator, thanks

Sophie in Seattle

"I'm now working on a new scenario, whereby I retire, move onto a boat, and go cruising rather than buying a house on a lake somewhere. OT makes it so easy to look at different scenarios like this. Love it!"

Joe in Houston

"I tried out a lot of OnTrajectory's features, and I'm psyched about this really helpful tool!"

Karen in New York

"The initial setup was simple. The user interface is very attractive and intuitive... OnTrajectory is in the sweet spot that appeals to me. The site has a slick look and many nice touches."

Darrow Kirkpatrick, CanIRetireYet.com

"Great Software!"

Jeff Manwaring, FCA Corp.

"Very consumer friendly and useful tool... Concept is great... I like that it's not necessarily just a retirement tool... graphs, charts easy to interpret."

Barbara Friedberg, BarbaraFriedbergPersonalFinance.com

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