OnTrajectory simply has one of the best user interfaces available in the retirement calculator world. The central graphical metaphor is instantly understandable. Anyone with the slightest interest in their money will feel immediately at home. The program is equally easy to use. You start by answering four simple questions, and then fine tune your results from there. And you can progress from low- to medium- to high-fidelity modeling in the same software. (OnTrajectory was recently promoted into the elite ranks of high-fidelity calculators on my Best Retirement Calculators list.)

OnTrajectory doesn’t sacrifice powerful, modern modeling in offering a fun user interface. Digging deeper, it offers very rich income, expense, and account choices. It performs average return, historical, and Monte Carlo simulations. It doesn’t shy away from detailed tax calculations or RMDs either. Going further, it can save and manage scenarios for comparing complex alternatives. And, a unique feature, it lets you create your own financial goals and track your progress towards them.

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