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Analysis Settings apply only to Historical / Monte Carlo Analysis which are run through the Views menu located in the top toolbar. For more information, see Guide 9. Monte Carlo & Historical Analysis

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Analysis Options

Portfolio Mix: Defines the percentage of each investment type in your portfolio for Monte Carlo and Historical simulations. Annual return data is taken from a variety of sources:

  • Stocks data - based on S&P 500 Index and MSCI US Broad Market Index,
  • Bonds data - based on S&P High Grade Corporate Index and Lehman Aggregate Bond Index,
  • Cash data - based on Citigroup 3-Month Treasury Bill Index.

Monte Carlo Simulation:
For each year in your Trajectory, a set of growth/inflation rates is randomly chosen from a year within the time period designated on the MC tab. The process is repeated multiple times based on the "Total Runs" value. The following results are displayed:

  • All runs of your Trajectory using the random values.
  • The median result of total runs (optional).

Historical Simulation:
For each year in your Trajectory, historical return rates are used beginning with 1928, by default. For example, if your Trajectory spans a 50-year period, returns from 1928 to 1978 are used. The process is repeated for each year there is data, meaning we also simulate 1929-1979, 1930-1980, 1931-1981, etc...

The following results are then displayed:

  • All runs of your Trajectory using the historical values.
  • A thick yellow line that represents the particular historical run that begins with the designated >b?Start Year.
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