Introducing Goals

OnTrajectory Goals is a new release from OnTrajectory, currently in Open Beta, we are looking forward to you taking a look and seeing how we can help you meet your financial goals. Whether its planning for retirement, a big vacation or an emergency savings fund, OnTrajectory can help get you there.

  • Multiple Goals

    Multiple goal types allow you to plan for whatever you can imagine. Plan for future income or growth goals.

  • Ask Penny

    Chat with Penny, our AI powered financial guide for insights and help on your to achieving your goals.

  • Collaborative Advice

    You may be part of the way there, but a little help from a pro can go a long way. Ask questions to real financial professionals*

Why Goals?

If you’ve tried OnTrajectory Classic, you know how powerful of a tool it is. The ability to visualize your financial future, manage expenses, incomes and accounts, and run multiple scenarios is great for those who want to dive deep. But, maybe that seems a bit more than you are ready for quite yet. We’ve created OnTrajcetory Goals for you. The simple, easy to use interface coupled with powerful AI tools and the ability to get a little help from a pro can make all the difference in getting your financial future on the right track. We are still building new features and adding new tools, but we are excited to partner with you on the journey to achieve financial peace of mind or whatever other goal you are chasing.

Got financial questions, but not sure how to ask them?

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a series of questions you can ask Penny, Our AI financial guide, to help you get started.