Are you unsure how to use OnTrajectory to it's fullest? We can help with that!

It's easy getting started using our 4-Question Wizard or Guided Entry — but what then?

Our specialists can help ensure your data is entered to provide the most accurate projections of any online consumer financial-planning tool. Here's how we can help:

  • Ensure your income streams are entered accurately, including plans for partial, early, or full-time retirement
  • Help create budget-groups for recurring expenses and separately enter expenses with discrete start and end ages (such as a mortgage or tuition payments)
  • Tailor growth or inflation expectations for certain types of expenses / income during different phases of your career
  • Learn how to best configure types of accounts, especially contributions that should adjust during different periods of your life
  • Understand how to track your actual progress and how to glean important information to help rebalance growth assumptions over time
  • Learn how to view output data to see the affects by RMDs, Early Withdrawal Penalties, or tax-impacts of rollovers
  • Finally, understand technical analysis like Monte Carlo and Historical Simulations

Sessions are $199 per 1-hour block.

*Fee includes 1-hour live screen-sharing session. Additional time may be purchased for $49 per 30-minute increment.

Please be aware that no information during this session should be considered investing or tax advice. All financial information is solely for educational purposes. Please see your own professional for personal investment or tax advice.

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