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We do indeed. Here is a link to our complete GUIDE LIBRARY. We also have Interactive Tutorials available to all registered users.

Yes, for all inputs (Income, Expenses, Savings/Investments) you can input multiple items and even ranges inside an item, which represent different periods of your life.

Actually, you can. Plus, we love your optimism :)
To change your “End Age”, simply toggle the Trajectory End Age field located in the middle of the screen.

This button lets you place multiple Expenses as a single group and automatically total the results. This is useful for setting up a monthly “budget” of recurring items that do not have discrete start and end ages, for example utilities, groceries, entertainment, etc.

Enter the total of your account balances next to the label "Your Progress is..." As you enter values over time, you will see a green line drawn to represent your progress. In addition, you will a dotted gray line drawn into the future. This line represents a projection of your progress into your possible future. If you are presently above your Trajectory, the projection will show how that overage could affect your final results. Likewise, if you are below your Trajectory, the projection will show how that shortfall could affect you. In either case, do not get attached to the projection because it is greatly influenced by market volatility.

OnTrajectory automatically breaks your some items into "Age Ranges”. One from your Start Age to Retirement and the second from Retirement to your End Age. Criteria within these ranges are often quite different, and this technique helps you model you future with more clarity and accuracy by preventing you from accidentally overlapping items.

The first account in the Savings & Investments table, called your Deposit Account is required because this is where 'excess' Income goes.
For example, if you make $5,000 more than you spend, this account increases by $5,000.

Several criteria are used. First the account with the lowest End Age is used. If multiple accounts have the same End Age, non-tax-deferred accounts are used first. If multiple non-tax-deferred accounts exist, non-retirement-plan accounts are used first. if multiple of these exist, the account with the highest balance is used first.

Not really, the tax rates that are defaulted are based on current Marginal Rates, however they are meant to be replaced by your personal Effective Rate.

Much of the underlying data used to chart your results are available by pressing the button titled “Show Trajectory Data” located in the top right portion of the screen.

Easy, must make the Start Age and End Age the same age.

While we hate to see anyone go, if you are a paid subscriber you can cancel at anytime through PayPal, or you may send us a note at questions@OnTrajectory.com and we'll take care of it!

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