Creating & Managing Scenarios

OnTrajectory lets you create multiple Scenarios to better support your ability to assess ‘what-if’ analyses and plan your financial future.

As a new user, ‘Scenario 1' is created and made by 'default'.

Selecting ‘NEW SCENARIO’ prompts you to complete the introductory Wizard to set a base-line for a new Scenario. You are free to enter whatever new data you wish, and it will not alter your original Scenario in any way.

In addition to adding scenarios, several other actions can be performed from the Scenarios dropdown — as indicated in the image below.

Scenarios Menu

COPY SCENARIO — Select this option to create a Copy of all data in the current Scenario and save it with a new name. This option is extremely handy if you have worked to build an accurate near-term model and want to experiment with different versions of your long-term plan.

DELETE SCENARIO — Select this option to Delete the current Scenario. If you have only one Scenario and you choose to Delete it, you will be prompted to complete the introductory Wizard to create a new Scenario.

RENAME SCENARIO — Select this option to Rename the current scenario. Renaming does not affect Scenario data.

MAKE DEFAULT — When you login to OnTrajectory, this is the Scenario that loads by Default. If you delete the default Scenario, the next Scenario in your list becomes the default. Select this option to make the current Scenario your Default.