Adding a Spouse / Owner

OnTrajectory allows you to assign different Owners for Income, Expense and Account Items. Each Owner has a unique birth year, therefore, if you wish to include your spouse's salary, social security or retirement account, for example, you can do so without having to convert Start Age and End Age values (to be based on your birth year).

To designate a different Owner for an item, select the 'wrench' icon to the right of an Item's name. The Item Properties window will appear:

To 'Add' or 'Edit' a new Owner, click the appropriate button and designate a Name and Birth Year. Once you Add someone and Owner, you can select them for any other Item by choosing them from the Owner dropdown list.

To 'Delete' an Owner entirely from the system, click the 'trash-can' button and they will be removed from any Income, Expense or Account Item they were associated with. Ownership of those items will revert to the 'main' OnTrajectory user.