Help Your Clients Plan for Every Major Life Decision

Easily assure their clients that they will be prepared for whatever comes in life.

  • Should I rent or buy a house?

  • Index funds or rental property?

  • Which investment should I sell first?

  • Can my spouse go part time?

  • How much can we pay for college?

  • How much longer should I work?

Answer the tough questions with flexibility and control

Other financial tools constrain your ability to test different assumptions and model complex scenarios. OnTrajectory Pro was built to handle your client’s toughest questions.


Model financial plans together with your client in real time


Easily add and remove managed clients on your account.


Give clients the option to update their own scenarios—or gate access

OnTrajectory Pro Pricing

Get full access to OnTrajectory’s capabilities for you and your clients in a centrally managed Pro account.

  • $49 /month

    per advisor, paid annually, for up to 25 clients

  • $2 /month

    per additional client

Pro Plan Features

  • Includes up to 25 clients*
  • Add additional clients for $2/month per client
  • 1 hour of live onboarding support per advisor
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Custom branding: add your logo and text to PDF reports
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